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/home/paulfitz/cvs/coopy_scm/coopy/src/libcoopy_core/include/coopy/Patcher.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <coopy/SheetCell.h>
#include <coopy/CompareFlags.h>
#include <coopy/PolySheet.h>
#include <coopy/TextBook.h>
#include <coopy/NameSniffer.h>

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Data Structures

class  coopy::cmp::ConfigChange
 Description of a general difference style and options. More...
class  coopy::cmp::TableField
 Name of a specific field within a specific table. More...
class  coopy::cmp::PoolChange
 Description of a needed pool for cross-referenced columns. More...
class  coopy::cmp::OrderChange
 Description of a column order change. More...
class  coopy::cmp::RowChangeContext
 (Unused) description of row context. More...
class  coopy::cmp::RowChange
 Description of a difference between rows. More...
class  coopy::cmp::NameChange
 Declaration of all column names and column order. More...
class  coopy::cmp::LinkDeclare
 Declaration of the relationship between rows in a set of tables. More...
class  coopy::cmp::Patcher
 Base class for all sinks of table differences. More...


namespace  coopy

All COOPY toolbox classes.

namespace  coopy::cmp

Comparison between tables.


enum  {
  coopy::cmp::ORDER_CHANGE_NONE, coopy::cmp::ORDER_CHANGE_DELETE, coopy::cmp::ORDER_CHANGE_INSERT, coopy::cmp::ORDER_CHANGE_MOVE,
enum  {
  coopy::cmp::ROW_CHANGE_NONE, coopy::cmp::ROW_CHANGE_DELETE, coopy::cmp::ROW_CHANGE_INSERT, coopy::cmp::ROW_CHANGE_UPDATE,
  coopy::cmp::ROW_CHANGE_CONTEXT, coopy::cmp::ROW_CHANGE_MOVE
enum  { coopy::cmp::NAME_CHANGE_NONE, coopy::cmp::NAME_CHANGE_DECLARE, coopy::cmp::NAME_CHANGE_SELECT }
enum  { coopy::cmp::LINK_DECLARE_NONE, coopy::cmp::LINK_DECLARE_LOCAL, coopy::cmp::LINK_DECLARE_REMOTE, coopy::cmp::LINK_DECLARE_MERGE }
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