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ssdiff and sspatch let you compare and “patch” spreadsheets. For folks who are comfortable with the command line: you can use ssdiff and sspatch as services, without installing them, as follows. Assume we have the following three files (download as zip):
Here's how Alice could merge the changes Bob has made into her version, without losing changes she has already made.

diff: see what Bob changed

curl -F "file1=@root.xls" -F "file2=@bob.xls" \ > bobs_mods.tdiff
The generated file bobs_mods.tdiff has a summary of changes made by Bob.

patch: apply Bob's changes

curl -F "file1=@alice.xls" -F "file2=@bobs_mods.tdiff" \ > alice_and_bob.xls
The generated file alice_and_bob.xls is a copy of alice.xls with Bob's changes applied.

supported formats

CSV, Sqlite, Excel (via gnumeric's libspreadsheet), Access (diff only).


This service is inspired by Max Ogden's gut servers, and written during #odhd.


There is a 10-second timeout. If a process does not complete in 10 seconds, you get nothing back. Ideally, you'd be able to specify options to save the server work (for example, if your data has a key!). For now, you'll need to download the toolbox for that.
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