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/home/paulfitz/cvs/coopy_scm/coopy/src/libcoopy_full/JsonBook.cpp File Reference
#include <coopy/JsonBook.h>
#include <coopy/FoldedSheet.h>
#include <coopy/Dbg.h>
#include <coopy/FormatSniffer.h>
#include <coopy/FileIO.h>
#include <fstream>
#include <json/json.h>

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static Json::Value cellToJson (const SheetCell &cell, const ColumnInfo &info)
static bool readPart (Json::Value &rows, FoldedSheet *psheet, SheetSchema *schema)
static bool writePart (Json::Value &root2, DataSheet *psheet, bool hasSchema, bool nestSchema)
static bool renderJsonBook (Json::Value &root, TextBook *book, const Property &options)

Function Documentation

static Json::Value cellToJson ( const SheetCell cell,
const ColumnInfo info 
) [static]
static bool readPart ( Json::Value &  rows,
FoldedSheet psheet,
SheetSchema schema 
) [static]
static bool renderJsonBook ( Json::Value &  root,
TextBook book,
const Property options 
) [static]
static bool writePart ( Json::Value &  root2,
DataSheet psheet,
bool  hasSchema,
bool  nestSchema 
) [static]
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