COOPY » Guide  version 0.6.5

Manage a repository of spreadsheets and databases.

Usually run without options, for a graphical interface.



Option summary

Option details

attach the given spreadsheet/database to the repository

clone the given repository

export the given spreadsheet/database from the repository

force GUI to be shown

show how to use this program

use specified key when adding or exporting a spreadsheet/database

use the specified message as a log entry

create a new, empty repository

pull in data from remote repository to local clone

push out data to remote repository from local clone

keep output to a minimum


Example 1


run the coopy GUI from the current directory. All the actions in these examples can be achieved from the GUI.

Example 2

coopy --new

create a new empty repository in the current directory.

Example 3

coopy --key=people --add=people.xls

add people.xls to the repository, with key 'people'.

Example 4

coopy --key=orgs --export=organizations.sqlite

export organizations.sqlite from the repository, with key 'orgs'.


coopy version 0.6.5

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