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Reformat tables/databases/spreadsheets.



Option summary

Option details

name to use when a table name is needed and not supplied

include all but the specified column in the output (repeat option to exclude multiple columns)

extract column names only

show how to use this program

include only the specified column in the output (repeat option to include multiple columns)

extract content of key columns only

list supported input database formats

remove column names

add color highlighting appropriate for highlighter diffs

operate on a single named table of a workbook/database


You can generate test file(s) for the examples that follow:

ssformat --test-file numbers.csv
ssformat --test-file numbers.sqlite

Example 1

ssformat numbers.csv numbers_converted.sqlite

Convert CSV format table to an Sqlite database table.

Example 2

ssformat numbers.sqlite numbers_converted.csv

Convert Sqlite database table to a CSV format table.

Example 3

ssformat numbers.sqlite -

Display contents of an Sqlite database table.

Patch formats

Database/spreadsheet file formats

CSV: plain-text delimiter-separated family of formats

SQLITE: file-based database

SQLITEXT: sqlite-format sql dump

JSONBOOK: Spreadsheet formats in json

GNUMERIC: Spreadsheet formats (via gnumeric)

MDB: Access database format (via Mdbtools, READ-ONLY)

JMDB: Access database format (via Jackcess)

MYSQL: database connector

SOCIALCALC: SocialCalc format (via mozjs)


ssformat version 0.6.5

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