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Reformat a tabular diff file.

Converting to hilite/review formats will require supplying the original spreadsheet/database. Not every diff format supported as output by ssdiff can be read as input by ssrediff.



Option summary

Option details

filter for an action of a particular type (update, insert, delete, none, schema)

Number of rows of context before and after changes for highlighter diffs ("all" to include all rows)

name to use when a table name is needed and not supplied

exclude the specified column even if changed

set difference format for output

show how to use this program

include the specified column even if unchanged

prioritize low memory usage over speed

in case of conflict use cell value from common ancestor

omit any version-dependent header from diff

omit any sheet/table name from diff

in case of conflict use cell value that was the local choice

direct output to this file (default is standard output)

list supported patch formats

filter for a named table of a workbook/database (repeat option for multiple tables)

in case of conflict use cell value that wasn't the local choice

set the desired dialect when using a poorly defined output format (currently for SQL, available variants are: sqlite, access)


You can generate test file(s) for the examples that follow:

ssrediff --test-file numbers.csv
ssrediff --test-file numbers_buggy.csv

Example 1

ssrediff --format sql numbers_patch.tdiff

Convert tdiff format file to SQL

Example 2

ssrediff --format sql --act update numbers_patch.tdiff

Convert tdiff format file to SQL, showing updates only

Example 3

ssrediff --format csv numbers_patch.tdiff

Convert tdiff format file to a CSV-readable diff format

Example 4

ssrediff --format hilite --output review.csv numbers_buggy.csv numbers_patch.tdiff

Generate tabular form of diff for eyeballing. If ssrediff is compiled with gnumeric support, and output format is *.xls, color highlighting is added.

Patch formats

Database/spreadsheet file formats

CSV: plain-text delimiter-separated family of formats

SQLITE: file-based database

SQLITEXT: sqlite-format sql dump

JSONBOOK: Spreadsheet formats in json

GNUMERIC: Spreadsheet formats (via gnumeric)

MDB: Access database format (via Mdbtools, READ-ONLY)

JMDB: Access database format (via Jackcess)

MYSQL: database connector

SOCIALCALC: SocialCalc format (via mozjs)


ssrediff version 0.6.5

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